City Transport has thousands of square feet of owned or leased warehousing premises across most major locations in India. At other locations, we have tie-ups with owners of warehouses who allow us to make use of their premises as and when the need may arise. Most of our international agents have their own state of the art warehouses.


Warehousing forms an integral link in the entire process of supply chain management. Very often our clients are unable to take immediate delivery of their consignment. In such situations, instead of leaving the shipment at the port or airport we cart it to our/our representative's warehouse. This helps our customers in two ways:


To save on the exorbitant demurrage expenses that they would have to bear if their goods


were left lying at the port or airport. Instead we charge a nominal fee for storing their good


-s in our warehouse.

To ensure the complete safety of their goods as they are not left lying unsupervised at th-

  e port or airport.

As such, our warehousing services enable our customers to reduce overheads, increase efficiency and cut down valuable management time.

  Our warehousing services include:  

Modern and well-equipped warehousing facilities for all types of cargoes

Adequately insured private warehousing spaces

Control checks on entry & exit of goods ensures safety and security of goods

Warehousing spaces at or around Inland Container Depots (ICDs) for storage of goods th-

  at are carted directly to these centres

If required, we also provide services like repacking, labeling, invoicing, inventory manage-

  ment, distribution and service support
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